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About me

I just constantly want to test the limits of what i can imagine!

Motion Graphics


3D Animation
Musical Composing


Markus Kautz alias Spirit Society is multimedia artist focused on traditional painting and illustration, as well as projection mapping and new media art.

After completing his graphic design studies, Spirit Society worked for several years as an in-house graphic designer for a Viennese company.
During this time he began to experiment with large-format painting and also improved his watercolor technique.
With the large-format paintings, he began to decorate stages at electronic scene events, which led to the art of stage projection and the creation of classic visuals of the club scene. In the following years Spirit Society established its own visual style and meanwhile plays stages in several European countries.
His fascination for the augmentation of art through projected images also arose in the fantastic sets of the psychedelic music scene, which from then on would strongly influence him on his way.

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